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Cobalt Men’s Wedding Bands Pros And Cons

Cobalt Men's Wedding Bands Pros And Cons

The major pros for cobalt wedding rings are: Affordability. Extreme durability. Scratch-resistance. A pleasing but light weight. The look of white gold without the need for rhodium plate. Hypoallergenic qualities (as long as the ring is made without nickel)
We'll look at the pros and cons of 4 major material groups with the. But, if you are looking for a scratch-resistant material in a men's or women's. If you desire the look of platinum without the price – you might consider a cobalt wedding ring!
Cons. Cannot be resized. Breakable, rings can fracture or shatter if dropped. White & black tungsten are not white and black all the way through. They have a hard industrial coating over the natural gray tungsten. They are more scratch-resistant than other metals, but not as scratch resistant as classic tungsten.
. their own benefits and pitfalls. Alternative metals such as tungsten and titanium also have their pros and cons.. Tungsten is particularly popular for men's wedding rings. Cobalt bands are a newer type of. It is four times harder than platinum, so cobalt ring are also likely to last for a very long time. For more information on .
Pros and Cons of Cobalt Wedding Bands. November 21st, 2017 / Engagement rings, Men's Wedding Bands, Wedding Bands, Wedding rings / Jennifer Shih .

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