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Wedding Table Place Cards Etiquette

Wedding Table Place Cards Etiquette

Place cards await guests at each table, designating their seats. They can be anything from a simple tented card to a tree leaf with gold calligraphy. These cards are displayed near the entrance of the reception in alphabetical order. They usually include each guest's name and table number.
Keep in mind, however, that only very formal receptions need place cards at each setting. Instead, consider assigning tables and letting your guests choose their own seats. To do this, group all of the place cards together on one table near the entrance to the reception, and write the table number on each card.
Organizing a seating chart and all the details that go along with it can be one of the most tedious parts of wedding planning. However, if you're having a formal .
If you believe guests may arrive at generally the same time, do not place your escort card arrangement so close to the reception entrance that it causes a line to form outside the building! Place cards should be set at each place setting around your tables to indicate where each guest should sit.

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