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England for Feyrous escort wrote:
The only thing I would add to your statement is that in my opinion, most of those who do survive these things and thrive in their relationship do so because hey take the bull by the horns and work on themselves to become a safe person to be around, regardless of the outcome see the review
Lykes for Dea Sanja escort wrote:
It's almost as if her underlying theme is "Yeah I banged this guy 5 times, but it was just a physical need being fulfilled. So it's only a bad thing if somebody gets hurt. But since he is none the wiser right now, he isn't really hurt. see the review
Tryster for Zhyldyz escort wrote:
You and I have had the luxury of being here long enough that we do occasionally see a happy ending to these stories, albeit few and far between. see the review
Croquette for Shahrestan escort wrote:
Many past versions of this story has had the BS see the review
Fundament for Heide Rose escort wrote:
forgive and marry the WGF. Have the kids, mortgage see the review
Oration for Eliona Morny escort wrote:
on the house. Then the WGF steps out again and see the review
Marcdom for Larianneh escort wrote:
now is a WW. see the review
Lusaka for Sireen escort wrote:
Well, it is Sunday night and nary a word from the OP. I think this is a clue that her loving bf didn't react very well to the news that what he was taking out of her for the past half year was what another man was putting into her... see the review
Opaline for Kaos escort wrote:
Or maybe she didn't even tell him. see the review
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