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Detoxicated for Manall escort wrote:
Go to church see the review
Hideout for Lauraine escort wrote:
Go to the library when you need to look something up see the review
Quadriga for Zigereda escort wrote:
Sit at a good old soda fountain, if you know what that is see the review
Saj for Nikja escort wrote:
If you get my drift, what one is experiencing as 'dating woes' is directly related to the advances of technology. see the review
Indone for Anuya escort wrote:
You have just described my life! [] see the review
Zuleika for Haristi escort wrote:
From what I've read, the declining birth rate is a function of a more educated, wealthier society. This has been the trend for all countries where the standard of living has improved and women have more education. see the review
Elementality for Degamon escort wrote:
The declining marriage rate just reflects the fact that marriage isn't a necessity for men or women to thrive in this culture. Both can be independent - women no longer need a man to earn an income. And they don't need husbands. 40% or more children are born to single mothers. It may not be ideal, but it apparently works well enough, especially if the father is involved in their lives. see the review
Verged for Hermosasexy escort wrote:
As for men, they are seeing the legal downsides of marriage, especially when divorce comes into the picture. There are few advantages to marriage. The legal system is still weighted in favor of women - or many judges still are - even when the laws are gender neutral. see the review
Humaniform for Vinette escort wrote:
For some reason this thread's got me fantasizing about a world where every woman is required to give me a fair shot. Whomever my heart desires, or my gaze lands upon, is required to give me their full attention until I decide it's enough... see the review
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