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Ozeroff for Elfidan escort wrote:
One night stand while being drunk is something that can be forgiven. But taking a decision to get back to him, to have an IVF treatment with him, and to have his child, all these when you're still lying and hiding the cheating... Well, this is no "one mistake". This is more like a character trait than a mistake. see the review
Fransiz for Newfel_Ines escort wrote:
I strongly believe that this kind of character is expressed in other parts of the relationship. You probably turn to omit other things that are uncomfortable to confront, you probably shape and fix the reality here and there, in order to avoid conflicts that aren't for your best interest at certain moments. see the review
Cumquats for Morag escort wrote:
So, if that is what your fiance loves, I wouldn't tell him. If you didn't tell him the truth when you should have, telling him now is not even close to "doing the right thing". Telling him now might ruin his life. see the review
Inks for Chaoyu escort wrote:
I have a better offer for you - Don't tell him, but always!! Always try to remember what you did, and be nicer to him when hard times come. Be a better wife, love him more, and forgive him for mistakes he will make in the future. So, in this equation he doesn't get the perfect honesty, but he gets a better wife that can forgive and to treat him better in the future. This is a much better deal for him than the deal of "telling him now for clearing your guilt". see the review
Eaglet for Bekuretsion escort wrote:
Don't tell him!!! see the review
Chebel for Yingbo escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Cobra_X see the review
Lapidated for Najaat escort wrote: see the review
Bleater for Hoshiar escort wrote:
Not telling him = no repercussions. see the review
Leavers for Pian escort wrote:
No repercussions = likely to cheat again, bc hey, why not,nobody got hurt by it the last time. see the review
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