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Rats for Nailing escort wrote:
Thank you for bringing this up, I actually think about this a lot. It's like what came first, the chicken or the egg? see the review
Auro for Alioa escort wrote:
And if indeed you do leave her, leave her before you physically cross a boundary. see the review
Ayins for Huai escort wrote:
When did it happen? Before or after the two of you started dating. see the review
Faired for Metka escort wrote:
Wait!! Where did you see the bit about cheating? That would change my response. I thought it was a fling from the past. see the review
Dolci for Mary Ve escort wrote:
She didn't cheat. see the review
Timberland for Josete escort wrote:
It happened before she met her bf. see the review
Raylene for Dashu escort wrote:
First off when someone says they don't want to be the jealous type they're in a whole world of trouble because YOU are the jealous type. You are jealous not because of something trivial but because your spider sense probably tingled when you saw the pictures so you knew there was something there and of course there was. see the review
Rufus for Dency escort wrote:
When you say "her circle of friends" do you hang out with those friends or does she often go off and hang out with them without you? see the review
Veeps for Maria Jill escort wrote:
A fling is a fling, but according to you the guy is a dirtbag, so he grates on you but your GF will keep him in her life. see the review
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