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Illeism for Youjing escort wrote:
It has everything to do with selectivity and finding the best relationship available. Everyone is trying to get the best partner they can. I'm not saying fat, poor, people don't get married. The reasons rich, powerful, beautiful people intermarry is because they can. They have the resources to justify being with someone on their level. The reason overweight poor people intermarry is because they have to because they can't do any better. The overweight, uneducated welfare bum isn't married to Giselle Bundchen not because he doesn't like her, it's because he doesn't have a chance in hell with her. Your theory might have some credibility if you showed significant examples or stats of people with resources like wealth, beauty, and power marrying people who were poor, ugly, and weak. But it doesn't happen, that's the point. People generally intermarry with the same socioeconomic status and looks. So if you have more or better resources like money or looks ("more desirable traits"), the more likely you are to end up with someone else with more or better resources. Show me significant examples otherwise and I'll eat my words. see the review
Lussino for Newfel_Ines escort wrote:
Just because it's not making you happy doesn't mean it's not beneficial for millions of other people who have figured it out. If people didn't think their methods were making them happier, they wouldn't be doing things that way. People are happier with the selectivity and options than they are settling, and that's why it's done the way it is and not in some antiquated fashion. Why else would people do it the way they do if they didn't enjoy it and it didn't bring them happiness? see the review
Rotters for Ljudmill escort wrote:
You make it sound as though people who are single are infected with some sort of contagious disease... see the review
Sodom for Trim escort wrote:
The dating scene is NOT that bad. I am on it! I should know! Yes it is sometimes heart breaking, yes it is sometimes a drag but for the most part its fun and enjoyable even if it has yet to yield any results! see the review
Inkatha for My Lemona escort wrote:
Statistics can be read any number of ways. They can be twisted and turned. see the review
Turbes for Rhodelia escort wrote:
There are some fabulous men and women out there just waiting to meet each other. see the review
Crucified for Chizue escort wrote:
Trash the xBox and PS4 see the review
Brittany for Kherto escort wrote:
Dial a rotary phone that shares a party line see the review
Reaume for Shier Huei escort wrote:
Ride your bicycle everywhere see the review
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